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The Literary Centre



Established in 2003, The Literary Centre is an independent non-profit organisation committed to building a socially-conscious literary community in Singapore. Supported by philanthropic contributions, the organisation incubates and develops literacy and literary projects that addresses contemporary issues.

The Brief

I was tasked to create a comprehensive brand guideline for the organisation inclusive of a new logo design.

The brand should appeal to affluent professionals, investors and wealth-owners who believe that they are good people at heart and are inclined towards philanthropy and giving back to society by supporting arts and culture.

These patrons see the value of literature and reading and their considerable wealth enables them to invest freely in their hobbies and interests. By engaging with the brand, these patrons should feel valued and special. To them, donating to this cause would not only be about social good, but also leaving a legacy through the works that they enable.

Design Process

Logo design

The winged rabbit was chosen to the icon of the organisation. The inspiration for so coming from the Japanese tale of The Rabbit in the Moon, whereby a generous rabbit who offered to sacrifice itself to feed a beggar, was immortalised as a celestial being on the moon. 

The winged rabbit is a symbol of the power of gentleness and grace. It leaps ahead, body fully extended, eyes and ears alert and attentive but without fear.
In homage to famed designer Eric Gill's Pegasus for Poetry Foundation, although the logo is done up as a vector, it is treated to resemble a wood-cut texture. 


Alternate Colour Schemes

The overall tone of the brand is to be premium, classy and modern. The layout of of copy and logos are kept to a minimalistic and functional layout.


Palette: Dark blue, white and off-white
Embossed name-card with rose gold foiling


Palette: Nude browns, white and grey
Embossed card with rose gold foiling


Final Design