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Interpreter of Winds



The fourth addition to Ethos books’ orbit series, Interpreter of Winds by Fairoz Ahmad contains a collection of stories about the struggles of finding and understanding faith. Inspired by the surreal and atmospheric narrative of the novel, I wanted to explore visualising the feelings of isolation, loss and hope that the characters felt during their journeys.

Design Process

Initial proposals
I started exploring with the title characters, a dog and a camel, as two small figures traversing on a vast desert-scape.
Other thought-starters included playing with the idea of narratives within narratives. Experimenting with long shadows casted onto the dunes by the characters and drawing parallels of the lines of sand etched onto desert dunes and the pages of a novel.

Layout, colour and title development
A calligraphic treatment is chosen for the title as it complimented the flow of the wind and the gentle swoops of the sand dunes.
Other than neutral earth tones, the colour blue is also explored as it reflected the bright robes worn by the Tuareg, a tribe of desert nomads, who play a crucial role in the novel.

Final Design

You can read more about the design process in an interview I did with Ethos books.